Pareri, dispute e dibattiti nel cantiere del Duomo di Milano XIV-XVI secolo

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The «600th anniversary of the consultation on the construction of the Cathedral of Girona» can provide a good opportunity toreview the studies and documents relating to the many debates surrounding the use of stone masonry in Milan Cathedral (Duomodi Milano) between the 14th and 15th centuries–the object of research of many scholars who have bequeathed pages of greatsignificance for the history of architecture on the late Gothic and Renaissance periods. Without aiming to make a comprehensivestudy, and basing our work especially on the enormous documentary compendium Annali della Fabbrica del Duomo dalleorigini siano al presente. 1877-1885., we have sought to interpret the data, which led to mass confrontation on several occasions.Our study was focused not so much on the Project and work in question, but more on the kind of debate, its duration andmanner, the potential role it played, and the opinions of individual authors on the matter. A global review of the events was deemeduseful. The first part, covering the 14th and 15th centuries —between 1387 and 1417— was carried out by Isabella Balestreri,while Marco Rosario Nobile undertook the review of the 15th century consultation, which ended with the resolution ofthe cupola.
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