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Preface to the volume "Mirdita në Arkivin e Propagandës Fide në shekujt XVII-XIX" containing a collection of historical documents - transcribed and translated into Albanian by Arben Ndreca - on the region of Mirdita in northern Albania, the originals of which are kept in the Archive Historian of Propaganda Fide in the Vatican. These are mainly reports that the prelates of the Catholic Church in Albania periodically sent to the Congregation of Propaganda Fide during a period of over three centuries (first half of the 17th century - late 19th century) and which today constitute a precious source of data for the history of that region.
Lingua originaleUndefined/Unknown
Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteMirdita në Arkivin e Propagandës Fide në shekujt XVII-XX
Numero di pagine10
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2020

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