Parameters influencing the stiffness of composites reinforced by carbon nanotubes – A numerical–analytical approach

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Due to their high stiffness and strength, as well as their electrical conductivity, carbon nanotubes are under intense investigation as fillers in polymer matrix composites. The nature of the carbon nanotube/polymer bonding and the curvature of the carbon nanotubes may strongly reduce the reinforcing effect of the carbon nanotubes when added to a matrix to create composites. Here the effects of carbon nanotube waviness and the interaction with the matrix on the stiffness of the composite are investigated. Using a mixed numerical-analytical model, a parametric study of the waviness and volume fraction influence of CNTs on the elastic behaviour of the nanocomposite is presented. The model used allows to predict the elastic properties of carbon nanotube (CNT)/polymer composites containing a random distribution of CNTs. This hybrid approach is a significant advance over micromechanical modeling and can be applied to all nanostructured composites.
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