Pan deus Arcadiae (Verg. ecl. 10, 26). Pan, l'aition, l'eurema (Tra Virgilio bucolico ed Ovidio epico)

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Between Verg. ecl. 2, 31-38 and Ov. met. 1, 689-715 it is possible to reconstruct an interesting intertextual dialogue based on the two faces of Pan’s sexuality, now inclined to pederotic relationships, now attracted by nymphs in antithesis to hellenistic poetry which, especially in the pastoral context, makes him an ambivalent divinity. In particular, the εὕρημαof the panpipe and its αἴτιον lend themselves to reconstruct the image of a god whose lustis constantly solicited from the outside: in this sense, a long poetic tradition, included between the Greek-archaic epos, the pseudo-homeric hymnography, the hellenistic epigram and thetheocritean production contribute to the redefinition of the peculiarities of the deus Arcadiae,revealing the allusive metaliterary games of Virgil and Ovid.
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