Palermo Metro-Peripheries: The Role of Peripheries in a Metropolitan Perspective

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The deep change in functional, political, and symbolic relations between core and peripheries inEuropean metropolitan dynamics has blurred the current categories of “periphery” and “core”.The periphery is no longer a homogeneous reality, but a dynamic and fragmented urban landscape.The institution of new territorial bodies in Italy, with the metropolitan cities and new formsof institutional collaboration between territorial bodies, is a new political framework that callsfor new solutions in regional policy-making in order to overcome the radial (core-centric) urbanmodel: peripheries are not longer satellites of core cities' development but realities that, in a widerview, have a new spatial and relational centrality in a metropolitan perspective. The challenges ofmetro-peripheries can only be successful if all tiers of planning and decision-making are willingand committed to cooperate in strategic development processes: a “multilayered” governance,as balanced combination of bottom-up and top down processes, acting at micro/meso andmacro scales.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteDynamics of Periphery. Atlas for Emerging Creative Resilient Habitats
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2018


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