“Palermo liquida. Il progetto per il waterfront come occasione di rigenerazione della città”

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Palermo’s Waterfront regeneration project is part of a wider national policy: innovative program entitled “Ports&Stations” financed by the Ministry of the Infrastructure with the active partnership of the City Government, the Port Authority and the Italian railway company. To integrate strategy to increase infrastructures and to develop a city competitive growth the new “Piano regolatore portuale” (PRP), in addition to the issues of general port functions, propose strategies, design, services and businesses spaces and cope with the question of “city-port interaction areas” and “interface areas”, which are highly attractive for new residential, commercial, cultural and recreational functions. The experience of Palermo’s Waterfront regeneration project deal with the question of multi-sectoriality and raises some issuses around the necessity to include multidisciplinary action in which a variety of subjects participate to produce a dynamically synergetic environment and to solve the conflictual relation between subjects, tools and competences.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2011

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