Palermo 2018 i portali. Architetture e culture della tradizione costruttiva siciliana

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The research study aims to encourage knowledge, narration and documentationof monumental portals. The portal is an element of functional nature,because it is an access to the building which defines the relationship with thestreet or square where it opens. Sometimes, the architecture of the portal hasa self-referential character to communicate to the outside the value of thebuilding and its owner.On the one hand, the study of the portals analyses the individual buildingfactories, censusing and documenting them through the analysis of the stateof conservation of materials and construction techniques, on the other hand itintends to highlight the story of their stay in the urban scene.The study of these architectures is addressed to scholars of the architecturalheritage and professionals specialized in conservation and recovery of thehistorical building.The study embraces the purposes of Palermo "Capital of Culture 2018"also addressing users of cultural tourism. That is why, the volume has beenstructured considering the need for a simple and direct reading for a largenumber of readers.The volume consists of three parts and an annex. The first part is related tocognitive analysis, the second to the narration and construction of cultural itineraries,the third to the census of portals and the enhancement of historicalheritage. The annex supports the itineraries, in fact each itinerary of the portals,in the annex, corresponds to the historical reference framework.The annex intends to be a first approach for scholars who want to contextualizeboth the historical period in which each portal analyzed was built, andto know the cultures and dominations crossed by this characteristic city in differenthistorical periods.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2018

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