Paesi abbandonati e il ritorno della vita con l'arte

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In Italy, in the second half of the Twentieth century, there were numerous abandoned urban centers, due, for example, to emigration, hydrogeological instability and seismic events. In Sicily, the countries of Gibellina, Salaparuta, Poggioreale, in the province of Trapani and Montevago, in the province of Agrigento, after the earthquake, of January 1968, which hit the western part of the island, were abandoned and, in the following years, rebuilt, even in distant sites. Certainly the initial attention was paid to the construction of the new cities, while after the damage due to earthquakes, the remains of the ancient countries were left to their slow and inexorable degradation. More recently, in the countries indicated above, there have been several initiatives to promote their knowledge, and the return of interest, especially emotional, towards the ruins of these countries. Mainly the request for valorization and the possibility of visiting these places, as a monument of the mournful event, was mainly expressed by the old inhabitants, who had never cut the thread that united them to their ancient countries. Even the new generations have been attracted by the charm of these places, and in fact there is an increase in tourist flows, which see in the ruins of these places a strong emotional attraction.Ten years after the earthquake of 1968, the former mayor of the new Gibellina, Ludovico Corrao, sensed that contemporary art could represent an extraordinary aid for the valorization of both the new and the destroyed country. For this reason, he not only invited numerous artists to create works in the new Gibellina, but he wished that Alberto Burri would realize the great "cretto" in the old Gibellina. Even today, the "cretto" of Burri, thought as a white sheet spread over the ruins of the town, despite being a contemporary work of art, among the largest and most famous in the world, raises some doubts, but so many emotions.The essay intends to investigate the strategies that can develop the interest for the return of life in abandoned centers, analyzing, in particular, the Poggioreale site. I think that first of all it is necessary to manage the maintenance of the ruins and in some cases also the restoration and re-use of some of the buildings. The ruins must be adequately restored and arranged, constituting the main cultural and evocative value. To increase this value, it is necessary to add works of art to the new dramatic work created by the seismic event. I believe that the remains of abandoned, preserved and settled villages, with the addition of works of art, can acquire a new life, or rather continue their life, but with a different function. In this way new visitors will be joined, attracted by the special countries, the ancient and new culture and beauty, the only one that will help us better live our contemporaneity and think of the future with more optimism.
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