Paesaggi attraverso - 5 ville comunali siciliane

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The examples presented in this book belong, however, to traditional types of garden and constitute a major cultural resource as much as for any other city. Not all five municipal villas have specimens of rare or interesting furnishings floristic or a particularly significant, yet they are central to urban structure and, in some cases, are even indispensable to understand the principle settlement.The decision to devote a study on this particular type of garden - la villa comunale - on whether that was used to resolve certain issues arising, for example, by discontinuities of the fabric rather than to reclaim an unhealthy area or to dial a no margin for; that is, to meet with recognizable and meaningful formal solutions to urban problems very similar to those now found in our cities. In addition, the specific nature of the garden has made it possible to see new and different relationships between streets and squares or blocks between them and broader geographical surroundings, including the far horizon of the sea, exotic or even through the use of some special trees. These gardens, although modest in size and restricted, have the ability to build new urban landscapes.
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