Osseotite caricati a due mesi nei settori posteriori del mascellare superiore: controllo a 2 anni di due casi clinici

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Aim Acid etched surface implants determine high clinical success rates, but littleinformation is available about early loading in the posterior region of themaxilla, area at risk of failure. The aim of this work is to present two case reportsof oral rehabilitation through acid etched surface implants (Osseotite, ImplantInnovations - 3i, West Palm Beach, FL) loaded two months after insertion in theposterior maxilla. Materials and methods The success of Osseotiteimplants was assessed 12 and 24 months after prosthetic loading according toAlbrektsson et al. criteria (1986). Results No clinical or radiographic signs ofimplant failure were observed during the two years follow-up. ConclusionsThe Osseotite implants placed in the posterior maxilla seemed to support a functionalloading applied two months after insertion.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2003


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