Ortho-Fluorination of azophenols increases the mesophase stability of photoresponsive hydrogen-bonded liquid crystals

Marco Saccone, Michael Giese, Marco Saccone, Antti Siiskonen, Kim Kuntze, Zafar Ahmed, Arri Priimagi

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Photoresponsive liquid crystals (LCs) whose alignment can be controlled with UV-Visible light are appealing for a range of photonic applications. From the perspective of exploring the interplay between the light response and the self-assembly of the molecular components, supramolecular liquid crystals are of particular interest. They allow elaborating the structure-property relationships that govern the optical performance of LC materials by subtle variation of the chemical structures of the building blocks. Herein we present a supramolecular system comprising azophenols and stilbazoles as hydrogen-bond donors and acceptors, respectively, and show that ortho-fluorination of the azophenol dramatically increases the thermal stability of the LC phases, an important characteristics in their further utilization in photonics. The systems exhibit fast photoinduced order-disorder transitions, and rapid recovery of the liquid-crystalline state once the light irradiation is ceased, due to the photochemical properties of azophenols.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2018


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