Orientare alla scelta post-diploma con la metodologia “SeCo”

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The attempts to coherently link the lived learning experiences, the possessed skills in the present, and the vocational training expectations attest to the presence of a fundamental need of guidance in 17-18 years old high school students. They can’t reclaim the unitary sense of their professional training path if they don’t decide freely to design it. The project of professional life gives young people the perspective meaning in which to become aware protagonist of its own choices. The «expressive writing» proposed in a forward-looking sense, describing certain aspects of one’s own personality and the professional expectations concerning possible study-work paths to be undertaken, and the «non-directive guidance interview» are the two intervention techniques employed by the «SeCo» methodology, wherewith 11 teachers of a high school of Enna, participating in a pilot research in the 2015-2016 school year, have already helped 88 pupils to design their perspective meaning. After exposing the theoretical framework and the results of the pilot research, we will present the hypotheses and the design of the experiment in which the already validated tools and techniques will be used with a large sample of teachers and last year’s high school students living in Palermo. The purpose of the experiment just started is to increase self-esteem, self-efficacy, and decision-making skills in 17-18 years old students through monthly expressive writing activities and guidance interviews, with which they should be helped to formulate their own professional life project.
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