Orientamenti nella formazione docente per l’inclusione

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Considering the inclusive challenges school requires today, connected to the need for community, inclusion, respect for diversity, it is necessary to increase a culture of self-evaluation in teachers. From the very beginning of initial training, it is necessary to measure and monitor a complex construct such as that of ‘inclusion’, so that teachers develop reflexivity, awareness and better understand the socio-cultural context, and the effects they produce in pupils. In this perspective, a survey of perceptions on inclusive action was conducted on a sample of 443 in service support teachers working in Sicilyconducted through the use of QRQISI (Italian acronym for ‘Questionnaire for the detection of the inclusive quality of the school and the teacher's skills’). The elaboration of the first survey dat a highl ighted the teachers' increasingly effective orientation towards inclusion and, likewise, the effort of the Sicilian schools in identifying strategic lines to increase the quality of inclusion. This work is the result of the research "Best practices and tools of analysis in schools and community contexts: learning teaching & inclusion", started in March 2019 and funded by the Department of Psychological,Pedagogical Sciences, Physical Exercise and Training, of the University of Palermo, and of which the initial data collection phase is reported here.
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