Organic Rankine Cycle fed by flat-plate solar collectors: a case study

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The tendency towards the use of distributed energy resource systems (DER systems), along with the increasing development of technologies, encourages the use of technologies in order of effectively recovering energy by low or moderate temperature heat sources, that represent an essential option to address the energy and environmental problems.In this context, the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system is stating itself like a very interesting one among the energy conversion technologies, particularly when low temperatures are in context. The ORC working principles are essentially the same as that of the Rankine Cycle, where the working fluid is water. In ORC systems water is replaced with a fluid characterized by a lower degree of boiling temperature in comparison with water, which makes ORC systems suitable for applications for low temperature heat recovery (less than 400°C).In this work, we used the solar-driven regenerative ORC system and related mathematical model developed by Wang et al. (2013), but utilizing different organic working fluids. The choice of this type of system is suggested by its simplicity and by the use of solar energy as power supply.The simulations aimed at investigating the effectiveness of the system have been performed for the city of Palermo (Italy).
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2015


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