Optimization of polygeneration plants and μ-grids for civil applications

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The problem of combined energy production and distribution of warm and cold fluids is very complex because it includes two possible configurations, the small single unit for individual buildings and the large plant integrated with district heatingnetworks. Dealing with such a complex problem, involving a very large number of variables, requires efficient algorithms andresolution techniques.The present study illustrates a MILP approach to the optimization of synthesis, design and operation for CHCP-based μ-gridsincluding thermal energy storages.The proposed approach develops a method for designing and optimizing district energy systems, starting with the informationavailable for the district such as energy consumption profiles, location of the buildings, energy resources to be consumed,possible layouts for the pipes and the design of the network, to provide economic model of the energy conversiontechnologies, and routines oriented to simulate the operation of the system and finally select the design that achieves optimal economic results.The method is validated by applying it to a case study represented by a cluster of buildings interconnected by a heat networkand situated over a small area (maximum distance in the order of 1.5 km). The results obtained, have been verified with thedata of daily consumptions, confirming the validity of the proposed methodology.
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