OPEN GEONET: WebGIS Open Source of aGNSS Permanent Network

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In Sicily, from 2005 to 2007, a research group at Dipartimento di Rappresentazione (DIRAP),University of Palermo, Italy, has realized a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) NetworkReal Time Kinematic (NRTK), project inside the “National Interest Research Program”PRIN2005 entitled ”Reti di stazioni permanenti per impieghi di controllo ed emergenza”founded by Minister of Instruction, University and Scientific Research (MIUR).With the rapid development of Internet and Web, Web Geographical Information System becamean important aspect of GIS study. WebGIS software allow the most efficient and low-cost way indissemination and sharing of geographic information for public and specific groups.WebGIS is an helpful instrument also for the sector of GPS surveying, where is necessary topublish information to plain the survey and to execute post survey operations.This work describes the development of an open source WebGIS application by which is possibledownload data for post-processing operations, query spatial data by attribute and view the resultsas graphic representations, obtaining general information on behaviour of the network and accessconditions.
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