On the road. Bob Noorda: il grafico del viaggio / On the road. Bob Noorda: travelling with a graphic designer

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What we wish to do in these pages is to tell a micro-story of graphic design in Italy as it was written by a Dutchman who retained a lot of his country of origin –educational background in primis, design culture, tone and style– and ab- sorbed as much from our country. This cross-fertilisation turned Bob Noorda into a high-profile designer whose long, remarkable professional career has written part of the history of design.It’s a micro-story that links the Touring Club of Italy (TCI) to the graphic designer who re-designed its brand (where the word ‘re-design’ is by no means a way to lessen the value of his work) as well as the corporate image application manual through whose rules the brand, colour and typographic codes as well as pictograms become actual applicative artefacts, and more, the editorial graphics of the many different publications he worked on.
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