Oggetti interni e reaction objects come nomi predicativi di costrutti a verbo supporto

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Analyses regarding clauses with a cognate object (CO), e.g. Alice laughed a scornful laugh,have frequently been based on the query: is the CO an adjunct or a complement? This paperaims to contribute to the debate with an alternative suggestion: the CO functions as a nounpredicate licensing the subject, to which it assigns a semantic role, whilst the verb functions as asupport (a ‘light verb’). A number of the well-known properties of COs, e.g. certain constraintson the determiner, appear to corroborate this analysis. Clauses with the so-called reaction object(RO), e.g. Alice coughed a scornful laugh, are analyzed as multi-predicative as well: also theRO is a noun predicate which licenses the subject and assigns it a semantic role. Nevertheless,the verbs behave differently: whereas in the case of COs it is irrelevant whether the verblicenses the subject and assigns it a semantic role, inasmuch as such a role would be identical tothat assigned by the CO, in the RO construction the verb does re-license the subject and assignsit an additional semantic role.
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VolumeVII, 1
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2011

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