Nuovi spazi liturgici e antica sacralità nel cuore del Mediterraneo

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The new St Gregory’s Church, built in Agrigento on the edge of the Temples Valley, is immersed in a landscape of ancient sacredness, where a millennial Sicilian history embrace cultures and religions stratified in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Contemporary architecture establishes a solid dialogue between faith, liturgy and art, in accordance with the teachings of the Second Vatican Council.Close to the remains of a Cretan village, the new architecture compares with the Doric Temples, which they are an indispensable figurative reference. The spatial articulation and urban references, which see it strongly anchored in the coastal scenery, write transcendental spirituality that introduces into the liturgical space through an enormous door open, to accommodate as many pilgrims and migrants go to salvation. An accurate liturgical and iconographic program, punctuated by an uninterrupted discourse between artist and ar- chitectural designer, refers the architecture to the human condition and local holy tradition.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteConoscere, conservare, valorizzare il patrimonio culturale religioso. 2. Arte, architettura, paesaggio
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2017

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