Nuovi interventi nella città storica

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Cities today are presented as a heterogeneous reality made up of overlaps, stratifications, fragments, traces in which the memory of the passage of time and human action is made explicit. This reality constitutes the heritage, intended as a complex of cultural and physical assets that we inhabit, made up of a complex schedule of landscapes in continuous evolution. S. Settis writes: "The function of cultural heritage oscillates continuously between that of a passive deposit of historical memory and cultural identity and the opposite, a powerful stimulus for the creativity of the present and the construction of the future. In relation to these issues [...] the languages of law, ethics and history mix inextricably ". The enhancement and protection of heritage therefore poses an interest that involves various disciplines which, in relation to the architectural project, concern the disciplines of history, restoration and technology. With respect to this theme, the Department of Architecture of Palermo questioned itself through the I-Access (Implementing the Accessibility to Urban Historic Center's Use and Knowledge) project, aimed at improving the cultural and physical use of the heritage of the historic centers of the city of Palermo and from Valletta. This research in reflecting on issues related to accessibility, demonstrates that, in identifying conservation and protection practices, it is possible to develop architectural solutions capable of responding to the needs of the community by placing at the center the values of historical architecture and landscape as part an integral part of a society in constant transformation.
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