Nuove strategie gestionali per la competitività di un terminal container di transhipment: sviluppo di strumenti di supporto alle decisioni per la pianificazione delle attività portuali

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    In a container terminal task assignment optimization may not be sufficient to ensure efficiency. By contrast, a systemic approach to terminal operations planning is required to ensure efficient coordination day by day of the all the operations in-volved. As far as management is concerned, a number of interacting factors need to be taken into account, ranging from prediction of ships’ arrivals to manpower and vehicles optimization strategies for the different work shifts. This paper describes three modules comprising a Decision Support System designed to assist port operations planners: - Ships’ arrivals forecasting module;- Optimal human resources allocation module; - Maintenance process engineering module.First tests indicate that this integrated tool makes flexible and prompt planning of overall operations possible, thereby reducing costs and enhancing their efficiency and thus competitiveness of the container terminal.
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    Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2012

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