Nuove relazioni tra tessuto urbano e agricolo nel parco del Gugliotta a piano tavola Carini. progetto.

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The theme of the project is the redesign of the connections between the residential areas and agricultural fields.The existing routes is given a new dimension, proportional to the new footpaths and driveways and trees that define the limits and thresholds.The new driveways better define the connections between the different areas and make easily accessible the new services offered by the area, mainly the system of schools, the new market square, and the semi-basement car park that you have on the sides of the street A. Da Messina.The walking and cycle route, which develops between Pecoraro and Colombrina mountains, following the route of the Jato aqueduct, creeps between the road Collurafici and the stream Gugliotta, even across the entire area in the direction of Via Rocco Chinnici.This defines a continuous permeability to the east, with the agricultural park, regulated by the points of rest and refreshment of the walking and cycle route that are at a more comfortable use of these spaces.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteCostruire la seconda natura. la città in estensione in Sicilia fra isola delle Femmine e Partinico
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