Nonlocal analytical solution for multilayered composite shells

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Abstract In this work, an advanced nonlocal analytical formulation for the static analysis of compositeshell structures is proposed. The governing equations are derived from the Principle of VirtualDisplacement (PVD) [1] and are solved by the use of the Navier solution [2]. Layer-Wise modelsrelated to linear up to fourth order variations of the unknown variables in the thickness direction aretreated. The modelization of multilayered structure materials takes into account the composite materialproperties and the nonlocal behavior based on the work of Eringen [3]. In order to take into accountthe nonlocality of the material, the Eringen’s stress-gradient model is employed [4]. The novelty andinnovation of this work is related to the development of an advanced nonlocal analytical formulationfor static analysis of composite shells structures by the use of stress-gradient model combined withLayer-Wise kinematics. The accuracy of the present analytical formulation is validate through variousassessments. Isotropic, cross-ply composite and simply-supported shell structures are considered.Different lamination sequences and different shell aspect ratios are taken into account to generalizethe obtained results. References [1] J.N. Reddy, An evaluation of equivalent-single-layer and layerwisetheories of composite laminates, Composite Structures, 25 (1993) 21–35. [2] A. Alaimo, C. Orlando,S. Valvano, Analytical frequency response solution for composite plates embedding viscoelastic layers,Aerospace Science and Technology 92 (2019) 429–445. [3] A.C. Eringen, D.G.B. Edelen, On nonlocalelasticity, International Journal of Engineering Science, 10 (1972) 233–248. [4] J.N. Reddy, Nonlocaltheories for bending, buckling and vibration of beams, International Journal of Engineering Science, 45(2007) 288–307.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteICCS24 - 24th International Conference on Composite Structures - Book of Abstracts
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2021


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