Non sono atti degli apostoli ma scritti demoniaci. Il movimento enkratita nell’Anatolia tardoantica: iscrizioni, eresiologi e testi apocrifi

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Different sources (epigraphical, literary, apocryphal) can be used to analyse the Christian heretical sects connected to an enkratite movement (Enkratites, Apotactites, Sakkophoroi, Hydroparastatai, Aerians), which was characterised by radical forms of self-restraint (enkrateia). Epigraphical documents are helpful in setting these communities in the rural background of late antique Anatolia (4th-5th cent. AD). On the other side the apocryphal acts of the apostles offer important hints on social and economic ideas developed by Enkratites and throw new light on their specific Christian Weltanschauung.
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