Non-Equilibrium Thermodinamic analysis of rotating counterflow superfluidturbulence

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Two alternative evolution equations for the vortex line density L in counterflowsuperfluid turbulence in 4He were proposed by Vinen in 1958. Theseequations was recently generalized to counterflow superfluid turbulence inrotating containers. Here, according with the formalism of Non-EquilibriumThermodynamics, the compatibility between the alternative Vinen equationas evolution equation for the vortex line density in rotating counterflow turbulenceand the velocity of the superfluid component is studied. From thecompatibility request a new term dependent on the anisotropy of the tanglearises.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteBollettino di Matematica Pura e Applicata
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2008


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