Neuroprotezione del paziente con glaucoma cronico ad angolo aperto:ruolo della Citicolina in soluzione orale

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    Aim: To verify the efficacy of Citicoline, takenorally, in the prevention of neurological damagein patients with Chronic Open Angle Glaucoma(COA G).Methods: 30 subjects with COA G were dividedinto 2 groups: 18 subjects (CT group) weretreated with Citicoline and 12 (PP group) weretreated with placebo.Both groups underwent 3 cycles of treatment.A cycle lasted 60 days and after every cyclethere was a wash-out period of 30 days.On day 0, 60, 90, 150, 180, 240 and 270 all subjectsunderwent an examination of the optic nerve fibresby GDx VVC and a simultaneous recording ofpattern reversal VEP s and pattern ER G.Results: In both groups endocular pressurevalues kept steady below 21 mmHg.In the CT group the VEP s average amplituderegularly increased at the end of every cycle andmoderately decreased at the end of the wash-outperiod.Retinocortical Time (RCT ) appearedsignificantly reduced at the end of every cycle inthe CT group.VEP s average amplitude and RCT remainedunchanged in the PP group.A slowing down of the TSNIT average,statistically non significant, appeared only atthe end of the third cycle in the CT group.Conclusion: Citicoline administered orally at adose of 500 mg, seems to have a neuroprotectiveeffect.This effect is apparent after a cycle of at least60 days and tends to moderately decrease atdiscontinuation of the drug.
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