Near infrared radio-luminescence of O2 loaded radiation hardened silica optical fibers: A candidate dosimeter for harsh environments

Diego Di Francesca, Simonpietro Agnello, Franco Mario Gelardi, Girard, Di Francesca, Paillet, Boukenter, Ouerdane, Marcandella

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We report on an experimental investigation of the infrared Radio-Luminescence (iRL) emissionof interstitial O2 molecules loaded in radiation hardened pure-silica-core and fluorine-dopedsilica-based optical fibers (OFs). The O2 loading treatment successfully dissolved high concentrationsof oxygen molecules into the silica matrix. A sharp luminescence at 1272 nm was detectedwhen 2.5 cm of the treated OFs were irradiated with 10 keV X-rays. This emission originatesfrom the radiative decay of the first excited singlet state of the embedded O2 molecules.The dose, dose-rate, and temperature dependencies of the infrared emission are studied throughin situ optical measurements. The results show that the iRL is quite stable in doses of up to1 MGy(SiO2) and is linearly dependent on the dose-rate up to the maximum investigated doserateof 200 kGy(SiO2)/h. The temperature dependency of the iRL shows a decrease in efficiencyabove 200 C, which is attributed to the non-radiative decay of the excited O2 molecules. Theresults obtained and the long-term stability of the O2-loading treatment (no out-gassing effect)strongly suggest the applicability of these components to real-time remote dosimetry in environmentscharacterized by high radiation doses and dose-rates.
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RivistaApplied Physics Letters
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2014


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