Near-Infrared, Light-Triggered, On-Demand Antiinflammatories and Antibiotics Release by Graphene Oxide/Elecrospun PCL Patch for Wound Healing

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Very recently, significant attention has been focused on the adsorption and cell adhesionproperties of graphene oxide (GO), because it is expected to allow high drug loading and controlleddrug release, as well as the promotion of cell adhesion and proliferation. This is particularlyinteresting in the promotion of wound healing, where antibiotics and anti-inflammatories shouldbe locally released for a prolonged time to allow fibroblast proliferation. Here, we designed animplantable patch consisting of poly(caprolactone) electrospun covered with GO, henceforth namedGO–PCL, endowed with high ibuprofen (5.85 mg cm−2), ketoprofen (0.86 mg cm−2), and vancomycin(0.95 mg cm−2) loading, used as anti-inflammatory and antibiotic models respectively, and capableof responding to near infrared (NIR)-light stimuli in order to promptly release the payload ondemandbeyond three days. Furthermore, we demonstrated the GO is able to promote fibroblastadhesion, a key characteristic to potentially provide wound healing in vivo.
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