Narrazioni e rappresentazioni del sacro femminile. Atti del convegno internazionale di studi in memoria di Giuseppe Martorana

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With Il Riso di Demetra (1985), Giuseppe Martorana, full professor of the History of Religions at the University of Palermo, explored the forms of feminine religiosity in Sicily, identifying traces of continuity and persistence that led from local annellenic cults to to forms of Christian devotion. The contributions collected in this volume intend to pay homage to her memory and critically resume the themes of her research, investigating the narratives and ways of representing the sacred and the divine that involve the female element, along a chronological span that from the age of bronze reaches the contemporary age and crosses a geographical space that from the Near East leads to peninsular Greece and Sicily. Among the issues raised, there are threats linked to the world of women; awareness of the risk potential that is attributed to women; the agency recognized to them in carrying out the rituals and participating in them; the role of the feminine in the narrative tradition.There are also recurrent attempts to reconstruct the spaces reserved for women, within specific cults. Along with these themes, reflections are advanced on the continuity and re-semantization of elements pertinent to an ancient feminine religiosity that can be observed in ritual practices that are still in force today. A common thread runs through these essays: the necessary classificationhistoriographical of abused categories and notions such as that of "Great mother", of "Mediterranean religion", of "substratum", together with a rethinking of the fluid and elusive category of "sacred".
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