Narrating migration. The result of transformative learning

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Numerous studies evidence how migration represents a critical event in the subject’s life (Akhtar, 1999; Baptiste, 1987; Scabini & Rossi, 2008). Such an event is characterised by various phases, some of which reflect the loss of culture, family of origin, language and some of which concern adaptation to the new environment (Hertz, 1981, 1993; Kaёs, 1993; Sluzky, 1992). To foster routes of growth and constructive interaction with the new environment, it is necessary for immigrants to strengthen the process of self-awareness. This is fundamental if learning is to be considered transformative (Freire, 1970). According to what is proposed in this paper, such a process of self-awareness is feasible through the use of appropriate reflective biographical methods, such as narrating one’s own life story. In fact, the actual moment of the autobiographical disclosure offers to someone who arrives in a foreign country the possibility of reflecting on the existential dimensions of learning (Bruner, 1990; Demetrio, 2003; Frick, 1987).1 This narration becomes the final moment of transformative learning and activates the process of empowerment.The theory of transformative learning can give us precious indications about the necessity of re-thinking our life projects as a reflexive exercise and space of free expression. It discusses the ability of each adult individual to transform the meanings of their actions through reflection on the content, process and perspectives (Mezirow, 1991, 1997). Therefore a transformation encourages new models of behavior, actions and new ways of perceiving one’s sense of social belonging.Thinking about the educational value, suggests the importance of not just focusing on providing assistance but instead of providing active passages of advancement, autonomy and wellbeing, allowing immigrants to take back their life projects into their own hands.
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