Nanocompositi a base polimerica e molecole POSS: comportamento reologico e proprietà fisiche

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Nanocomposites based on PS, PE, or ethylene-acrylic acid (ESCOR 5001) and POSS (Polyhedral oligomeric SilseSquioxanes) molecules were prepared by melt mixing. The nanocomposites’s structure-property relationships were analyzed mainly by rheological investigations and the variations with respect to the matrices were highlighted. The results of the rheological analysis show that the POSS molecules affect the properties in the molten state and act as plasticizer that is contrasted by the hydrogen bonds. The inorganic cage’s structure and the organic nature of the vertex groups of the molecules POSS play an important role in modulating the dispersion and in determining the final properties of the nanocomposite.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2012

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