Multivariate EEG spectral analysis evidences the functional link between motor and visual cortex during integrative sensorimotor tasks

Luca Faes, Carola Arfeller, Silvia Erla, Luca Faes, Christos Papadelis, Giandomenico Nollo, Christoph Braun

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The identification of the networks connecting brain areas and the understanding of their role in executing complex tasks is a crucial issue in cognitive neuroscience. In this study, specific visuomotor tasks were devised to reveal the functional network underlying the cooperation process between visual and motor regions. Electroencephalography (EEG) data were recorded from twelve healthy subjects during a combined visuomotor task, which integrated precise grip motor commands with sensory visual feedback (VM). This condition was compared with control tasks involving pure motor action (M), pure visual perception (V) and visuomotor performance without feedback (V + M). Multivariate parametric cross-spectral analysis was applied to ten EEG derivations in each subject to assess changes in the oscillatory activity of the involved cortical regions and quantify their coupling. Spectral decomposition was applied to precisely and objectively determine the power associated with each oscillatory component of the spectrum, while surrogate data analysis was performed to assess the statistical significance of estimated coherence values. A significant decrease of the alpha and/or beta power in EEG spectra with respect to rest values was assumed as indicative of specific cortical area activation during task execution. Indeed alpha band coherence increased in proximity of task-involved areas, while it was suppressed or remained unchanged in other regions, suggesting the activation of a specific network for each task. According to our coherence analysis, a direct link between visual and motor areas was activated during V + M and VM tasks. The effect of visual feedback was evident in the beta band, where the increase of coherence was observed only during the VM task. Multivariate analysis suggested the presence of a functional link between motor and visual cortex subserving sensorimotor integration. Furthermore, network activation was related to the sum of single task (M and V) local effects in the alpha band, and to the presence of visual feedback in the beta band. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd.
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RivistaBiomedical Signal Processing and Control
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2012

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