Monitoring the evolution of coastline in Sicily by aerial photos and high resolution satellite imagery

Benedetto Villa, Mauro Lo Brutto, Daniela Pennacchio

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Italy is one of the country more exposed to coasts erosion: about 1200km of coasts on about 8350 km are moved back of about 25 m in the last50 years. Particularly Sicily have about 300 km of coasts moved back.There are various reasons of this phenomenon: natural factor (climaticor physical-oceanographic) with environmental and economic effects.The paper reviews the activity of the Dipartimento di Rappresentazioneof University of Palermo in cooperation with the Regional Agency ofEnvironmental Protection (ARPA) about the coastline evolution in Sicily.The research is carried out on selected physiographic units marked outby important erosive phenomena. The coastline trend are reconstructed bythe elaboration of aerial photos and high resolution imagery.Particularly were used the aerial photos of the years 1954-55 (scale 1:33.000), 1987 (scale 1:10000) and 1997 (scale 1:20.000).Besides were used QuickBird high resolution satellite imagery of theyear 2006.The aerial photos and the QuickBird imagery have been oriented withplanimetric accuracy of ± 2 m. The Ground Control Points were collectedby static GPS surveys. The comparison with orthophotos allowed toestimate the real coastline trend in the last 50 years.
Lingua originaleEnglish
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2009


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