Modified post-bifurcation dynamics and routes to chaos from double-Hopf bifurcations in a hyperchaotic system

Gaetana Gambino, S. Roy Choudhury, Chen, Chen

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In order to understand the onset of hyperchaotic behavior recently observed in many systems, we study bifurcations in the modified Chen system leading from simple dynamics into chaotic regimes. In particular, we demonstrate that the existence of only one fixed point of the system in all regions of parameter space implies that this simple point attractor may only be destabilized via a Hopf or double Hopf bifurcation as system parameters are varied. Saddle-node, transcritical and pitchfork bifurcations are precluded.The normal form immediately following double Hopf bifurcations is constructed analytically by the method of multiple scales. Analysis of this generalized double Hopf normal form along standard lines reveals possible regimes of periodic solutions, two-period tori, and three-period tori in parameter space. However, considering these more carefully, we find that only certain combinations or sequences of these dynamical regimes are possible, while others derived and considered in earlier work are in fact mathematically impossible.We also discuss the post-bifurcation dynamics in the context of two intermittent routes to chaos (routes following either (i) subcritical or (ii) supercritical Hopf or double Hopf bifurcations). In particular, the route following supercritical bifurcations is somewhat subtle. Such behavior following repeated Hopf bifurcations is well-known and widely observed, including in the classical Ruelle–Takens and quasiperiodic routes to chaos. However, to the best of our knowledge, it has not been considered in the context of the double-Hopf normal form, although it has been numerically observed and tracked in the post-double Hopf regime.Numerical simulations are employed to corroborate these various predictions from the normal form. They reveal the existence of stable periodic and toroidal attractors in the post-supercritical-Hopf cases, and either attractors at infinity or bounded chaotic dynamics following subcritical Hopf bifurcations.Future work will map out the remainder of the routes into the chaotic regimes, including further bifurcations of the post-supercritical-Hopf two- and three-tori via either torus doubling or breakdown.
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RivistaNonlinear Dynamics
Volume69 (3)
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2012

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