Modellazione generativa per la progettazione e costruzione assistita: sperimentazione nella riqualificazione dell'involucro di edfici industriali

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The paper presents the implementation of a computer system destined to act in the field of the renovation and restoration of industrial buildings with prefabricated structures. Its aim is to support the interaction-dialog between design ideas, systems, sub-systems and components. The implemented interactive software executes real-time consistency among design solutions, constructive hypotheses, materials and building processes, in systematic relationships. The implemented system differs from the present CAD systems. Whereas the latter privilege the representation of geometries or design components, the former models not only components and systems exploiting its advanced parametric capabilities, but also the design relationships, which the designer esteems as meaningful in the process. The system has specific purposes. It does not intend to design, build and produce a general process. So, it becomes possible to underline the procedural dimensions and the mutual interrelationships.The system has specific, limited purposes, it is not intended for designing, building andproducing a general process. In our design experimentation, we have designed a double-bedded shell system with different layer depth, trying to represent the process relationships between:- Morphology of a double-bedded shell, related to a non-planar surface.- Structural system of the new manufactured.- System for realizing the air-casing structure of the facade.
Lingua originaleItalian
Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteL'INVOLUCRO EDILIZIO. Una progettazione complessa
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2007

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