Mobile Mapping System: case study of the Messina-Palermo motorway layout

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This paper presents the firstresults of the MMS (Mobile Mapping System)survey on the geometry of the A20 italianmotorway Messina-Palermo. The layoutparameters are the essential data for aneffective management of a single or a roadnetwork. In particular these parameters areessential for applying the Design Consistencymethodology to proposed or existing roadinfrastructures; through this methodology theroad manager can make sure that the roadcharacteristics are adjusted to the drivingbehaviour of motorists by analysing therelationship between horizontal and verticalalignment and the design and operating speed.Both the difficult finding of the road designschemes, particularly in regard to the oldestroads, and the difference between the designlayout and the observed layout lead to carryout an experimental survey on the road layout.This work was to aim to investigate bykinematic GPS techniques the layout of threesites of A20 Messina-Palermo motorway,using a network of permanent stations.For each site, the authors set up the geometryof horizontal and vertical alignment (known orunknown) using a specific road designsoftware. The three sites are located in twoareas near Messina, Calderà and Bazia, andcharacterized by a planimetric sequencetangent-spiral transition-circular curve. In theearly stage of this work, for all the sites listedabove, we have examined the planimetricschemes (scale 1:2000) that were lacking ingeometric data (radii and lengths of circularcurves, parameters of spiral transition curve),while the vertical alignment schemes were notavailable.
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