Miti mediterranei: un viaggio millenario

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Sebastiano Tusa observed: "Beyond the immense and varied material resources that the sea has offered and offers to man, there are others that pertain to the superstructural sphere that over the millennia have supplied and animated the immense encyclopedia of myths, legends and cults inspired by it or, in any case, connected to it ». Expanse without borders and unfathomable abyss, the sea, with its sudden changes of state, its furious storms and its deadly calm, has always imposed itself on those who sailed it to reach other places or to make a living from it as a space of danger and of the mystery, generating and sustaining a large and polymorphous imaginary and becoming an actor and scenario at the same time of adventures, stories and multiple myths: here is Gilgamesh challenging the infinite abyss to collect the plant of life; here is Osiris, locked up in a coffin by his evil brother Seth, wandering on the waves until he reaches Byblos lifeless; here is Marduk throwing himself into the waves to kill the monstrous Tiamat, dismember her and thus shape the world; here is Hercules furrowing foamy surfaces towards the island of Crete; here is Teseo challenging Minos and plunging into the depths of the sea to collect a precious ring; here is Arianna crying desperately on the deserted Naxos; here is Aeolus administering the winds from his palace to Lipari; here again Odysseus escorted by the Phaeacians, Aeneas arriving in Carthage, Palinuro swallowed up by the waves ... Here is the sea, our Middle Sea, the "wine color" sea, unique theater of mythical stories and historical myths, of a thousand Argonautics and a thousand Odyssey; space where they live - in small and large islands, on beaches, in caves, among the waves, in the deep abysses - infinite powers and divinities: Yam, Isis, Poseidon, Forchis, Triton, Teti, Amphitrite and the Nereids, Calypso and the Oceanine; desert of water and salt populated by entities and monsters of all sorts: the enchanting Sirens, Scylla and Charybdis who tear and swallow sailors and boats, the horrible Ketos defeated by Perseus, Glaucus and other hybrid ichthyoform men, witches from long hair and draconic sea trumpets…. These and many other monsters, gods, heroes and their adventures, which from port to port, from boat to boat, have crossed the Mediterranean space since prehistoric times to land in contemporary folklore
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