MicroRNA and Cardiac Stem Cell Therapy

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Cardiac Progenitor Cells (CPCs) are multipotent cells of the myocardium. They are located inside niches of the heart muscle, can be isolated, characterized and used for cardiac regeneration in stem cell therapy. Actually, CPCs may be isolated by tissue digestion with or without cell sorting, but it is difficult to achieve the maximum level of differentiation when these cells are implanted into a damaged myocardium.The knowledge recently acquired on small molecules of non-coding RNAs, microRNA (miRNA), may improve the use of these cells in stem cell therapy. In fact, these small molecules may be attached to devices or adminstered as they are or in combination with nanoparticles in order to drive the correct differentiation of stem cells. Regarding heart regeneration, we can acquire knowledge from the role of miRNAs in heart development and use it to reprogram CPCs to gain the correct three-dimensional structure of the cardiac muscle.
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