Memoria e Memoriali delle Sinagoghe in Germania e nei Paesi dell'Est

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One of the most rapresentative eventualities inside the Holocaust memory is constuted by the reconstruction of the synagogues. A lot of them were vandalised from 1933 and during the Kristallnacht, wich gave the start to the so-called Antijudischer Terror. The artiche thet follows intwnds to deal of as the memory of these events has been recovered, not turning to the important phaenomenon of the real reconstruction, but to that of the maintenance and memorization of ruins, spread him in Germany from 1988, gives some fiftieth anniversary of the Kristallnacht, and in Europe of the east after 1989, year of the "fall" of the Wall in Berlin, when the creeping anti-Semitism of the comunist regimes was started keeping silent. The examples are very various and interesting, showing as an identity, even though minority in the territory as that the Jewish communities, has been recovered in the sign of the memory of places of cult.
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