Mediazione e servizi alla famiglia. Una nuova cultura di intervento in Sicilia occidentale

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Mediation is one of the more innovative ways in which the community has tried to face the conflict due to the increase of complexity of social ties and to the amplification of the differences between interests, values and objectives of the different actors of everyday life. In the context of family specificity of mediation is to be an intervention aiming at the reorganization of the relations and the resolution or mitigation of conflicts in case of separation or divorce. It is offered as a "place" for the management and reworking of the problems caused just by the actual difficulty of defining figures and family roles both in the way in which the family organizes its internal life(rules, affection, child custody, testimony and transmission of value orientations and lifestyles, family memory); and in the way it rules the borders with the outside world, with the social context (work, life times, external commitments of children).In Sicily, family mediation has found one of the first areas of development, confirming the sensitivity cultivated over time by psychologists and lawyers, but mainly by social workers who knew how to work in interdisciplinary teams. The experiences of mediation are interwoven with the analysis on the relationship between mediation, services and civil society, as well as the contribution that lawyers, judges and service operators are able to offer in the management of conflicts in mixed marriages and in shared foster care, without neglecting the reflection on obstacles, potentialities and lines of development desired for mediation within the family services.
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