Measuring water-use in response to climate change: an analysis of the efficiency of Italian crop production system

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Official meteo-climatic statistics show the variability of weather conditions. Their effects on socioeconomicand natural environments should be analyzed in multi-dimensional studies. Among sectors,agriculture is expected to be the most sensitive as well as water resources availability. The aim ofour analysis is to measure the performance of Italian regions in crop production by estimating bothproduction technology - including a measure of irrigation water used as input - output elasticities andreturns to scale and productive efficiency or technical efficiency where rainfalls and temperatures areproxies of CC conditions in the period 2000-2010 at Italian regional level, using the stochastic frontierapproach (SFA). The scarce official statistics on irrigation water in agriculture make our analysischallenging. Our results point out the need i) to strengthen official statistics on irrigation water toimprove the analysis on inputs of farmer’s crop production in Italy; ii) to update meteo-climatic andhydrological measures according to the official international guidelines.
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