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The 69th CIEAEM conference was held from 15th to 19th July 2017 at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. It successfully involved 100 participants from 20 countries all over the world. CIEAEM 69 was dedicated to Professor Christine Keitel, president of CIEAEM from 1997 to 2003, who tragically passed away one year before the conference. The programme of the conference started with a panel that revisited “Mathematics (Education) and Common Sense”, the theme of the 47th CIEAEM conference, which was held in Berlin in July 1995 and which was hosted by Christine. At the conference, researchers, teachers, educators, and students met to discuss, in a collaborative and inspiring environment, the most prominent problems, obstacles and resources in mathematics education; they also presented their latest research findings in the several conference activities: plenary and semi-plenary talks, two round tables, working groups, workshops, and poster presentations (forum of ideas). As in previous CIEAEM meetings, Working Groups constituted the beating heart of the conference, allowing the participants to fruitfully discuss in critical and constructive ways, in the true CIEAEM spirit, research studies and approaches from different perspectives on the conference theme: Mathematisation: social process & didactic principle. There were four Working Groups: (A) Mathematisation as a didactic principle: mathematizing and modelling of everyday contexts; (B) Mathematisation as a didactic principle: representation and generalization within mathematics; (C) Interconnecting mathematisation as a social process and as a didactic principle; and (D) Mathematisation as a didactic principle: looking at teachers of mathematics. Each Working Group discussed nine papers, and addressed the conference theme from complementary viewpoints (see the Discussion Paper), under the guidance of the group animators. The conference schedule allowed time also to deepen the plenary talks in the dedicated “Meet the plenary speaker” sessions, and to engage participants in workshops, where actual dialogue between research and practice could be fostered. This volume contains the final versions of the 53 papers presented during the conference. We thank all the contributors and the participants to the conference, because they made it such a unique experience, in which we had the good fortune to take part. We are grateful to the International Programme Committee and the Local Organizing Committee that made possible the realization of the conference in every detail with great care. Particularly, we want to thank the Working Group animators, who organized each day the sessions in inclusive as well high-quality ways. A special thanks to all the people who contributed to the realization of the conference, and to Daria Fischer, who helped in editing this volume. As a result, the CIEAEM 69 Proceedings offer a wide overview on national and international studies on the conference theme Mathematisation: social process & didactic principle. We hope that it can constitute an inspiring resource for the research community, for teachers, and for stakeholders in mathematics education. From this perspective, the possibility of free downloading offers to CIEAEM 69 participants, and also to interested people who could not take part in the Conference in Berlin, the possibility of developing a fruitful network of contacts that year after year is becoming richer and wider.
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