Mathematical Model of Unmanned Aircraft In Ground Effect for Optimal Collision Avoidance

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The fundamental aim of the present paper is tomodel the aerodynamic characteristics of anUnmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) flying inground effect. The second aim is to determinethe relationship between the optimal avoidancemaneuver and the control to execute it. In fact,this relationship is basilar to the development ofa guidance scheme capable of approximatingthe optimal trajectory in real time. In the firstpart of this work ,a non-linear model is built inorder to model the aerodynamic characteristicsof an UAV flying In Ground Effect. To use asingle model in the whole range of flyingaltitude, aerodynamic coefficients are modeledby means of hyperbolic equations. In particular,these ones depend on the ground distance.Such a model is employed to describeaerodynamic forces and moments in theequations of motion which are used in order toobtain optimal trajectories for solving thecollision avoidance problem.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2011


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