Materiali per una crisi: teorema del serializzante nell’epoca della video-guerra civile

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Starting from a brief de-functionalizing analysis of the info-spectacular society, the essay explores the pervasiveness of the repressive-disciplining forms which are increasingly affecting the behaviors of the individualities in the info-spherical dominion. In particular, the paper focuses on what will be defined the “serializing” and highlights some repetitive-determinant aspects of the video-seriality that are involved in the processes of “over-codification” imposed by the infosphere on the anthropo-sphere. In order to define the serializing will be taken in exam both the possible evolutions of the Gelassenheit and the “dispositiviness” imposed by info-securitarian post- democracies through the hard and soft repressive systems. In this perspective we will postulate that every cybernetic singularity is info-determined by a “code-valuable string” that seems to be capable of maintaining a continuous over-codification of the imaginary and of the human behavior.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2015

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