Mass Media And Religious Practices In The Immigrant Situation: A Challenging DevelopmentalPsychology Encountered By The Sri Lankan Tamil Adolescents Living In Palermo, South Italy

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Mass Media and Religious Practices in the immigrant situation is a challenging Developmental Psychology,encountered by the Sri Lankan Tamil Adolescents living in Palermo, South Italy. Adolescents in the modernworld face a lot of challenges in the process of their growth. One of such challenges is that of the social impactof Mass Media, which manipulates and determines the individual’s decisive moments of growth. They are leftwith no choice but confront Mass media and personal choice of religious attitudes, and religious practices,(Cohen 2010; Kukreja 2010). The attitudes and belief-systems are built and sustained by the social structure.(Cooper and Denner 1998). In this article we administer focus group analysis on ‘Mass Media and ReligiousPractices in the immigrant situation: A challenging Developmental Psychology encountered by the Sri LankanTamil Adolescents living in Palermo, South Italy.’ We try to verify the ‘Theory of Concepts of Beliefs” whichstates that: Every human being tries to transcend specific situations for a desirable end which are ordered byrelative importance. (Bilsky and Schwartz 1992). The results are interesting. Enumerated in the full article.
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