MARINA DEL CINQUE,花邊和字母刺繡 / MARINA DEL CINQUE, lacework and embroidery of letters

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The visiting card of the graphic designer Marina del Cinque, presents a big punched M, which if lifted up becomes a little portal beyond which we are invited to go to discover her world. A world over wich graphics reigns undisputed and leaves behind its signs on everything, not just obviously on her works, but also on her private spaces, on her daily passions and on her way of being and of looking at life. The teachings of two great masters, who have accompanied her for a long time, from the studying years to those of the free profession, reside in her. The first is Germano Facetti, met in Genova, her native city, while she was studying at the Istituto Politecnico di Design, a small school of graphics with excellent teachers, which doesn't exist anymore. He passed on to her, or better still he installed in her, as she stresses, the love for graphics and for the letters. The second master is Italo Lupi, the graphic-architect with whom she establish a relationship based on a high esteem and on elective affinities. She collaborated with him for ten years long, interrupted only by a short period in which she moved to London to work for the Pentagram Studio. Lupi transmitted her his love for the letters, which he possesses as few people do, and let her discover the beauty and the sense of colours, to her who was so faithful to the opposition and to the complete clarity of black and white.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2009

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