Mappe online e processi partecipativi innovativiper la costruzione di una nuova immagine del territorio

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This research paper is about the role of informatic science and mapping online in geographicalcontext. By the web-GIS many typologies of experiences are developed in the international context,not only technical but closer to the users: participative maps, tools for georeferencing on the socialnetwork, city-blog or neighborhood-blog, commercial software and more.In this context, my phd research is about relationship between GIS, internet, ethics and socialjustice. The objective of this reasearch is a critical analysis of these technologies, to define if theycan make more democratic and ethical the planning processes and the public participation to thedecision making processes. Many experiences are been considered, expecially blogs linked tomultimedial maps tht can realize the closest approach to the users. Also in technical cartographythere is some new methods of representation, to underline and emphasize social parameters.The context is very complex and there is really a risk of poltic-economic instrumentalisation.So we need an appropriate disciplinary reflection in this direction.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2013

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