Managing Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Airport Inventories: An Overview

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For some years now, problems relating to gas emissions that affect climate and result from human activities haveassumed a global dimension of large importance. The climate is, indeed, influenced by the concentrations ofsome pollutants in the atmosphere; these pollutants trap the long wave radiation emitted by the Earth and alterthe energy balance, causing an accentuation of the natural greenhouse effect. In this view an inventory ofgreenhouse gases can become the benchmark against which to measure the achievement of quantitative targetsset at the political level in the fight against climate change. Contrary to a general inventory of emissions relatedwith air quality objectives and local effects of pollutants, a greenhouse gas inventory does not set objectivespurely local, but it directs efforts towards the quantification of the liability of an area compared to a globalproblem as climate change, also in view of possible improvements. The inventory is thus the reference for theevaluation of pre-and post-operam actions aimed at reducing the greenhouse effect, as well as for theirmonitoring over time. The article in an overview of the main issues of air pollution associated to airportoperations and a review of the airport sources and components contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. After abrief description of the most recent international and national standards and recommendations on this topic, thearticle focuses on reasons for developing a greenhouse gas emission inventories and traces the essential elementsin the methodology to be followed by airport operators for preparing an airport-specific inventory of greenhousegas emissions. Methods for calculating emissions are also summarized and reviewed. Finally, the new referencesto the environmental sustainability at airports, as well as the main measures to be taken to reduce emissions arealso identified and commented on
Lingua originaleEnglish
pagine (da-a)67-81
Numero di pagine15
RivistaJournal of Sustainable Development
VolumeVol. 4, No. 5
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2011


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