Magnetic properties of colloidal cobalt nanoclusters

Angela Monia Ruggirello, Vincenzo Turco Liveri, Torchio, Alonso, Capellini, Neisius, García Prieto, Fdez-Gubieda, Mobilio, Alessandro Longo, Meneghini

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Abstract. Co nanoclusters were synthesized by an inverse-micelle chemical route. Themagnetic and microstructural properties of the nanoparticles have been analyzed as a functionof the surfactant (AOT and DEHP) and the drying method. Microstructural analysis has beenperformed by TEM and XANES; magnetic properties have been studied by hysteresis loopsand zero-field cooling - field cooling (ZFC-FC) curves. TEM images show 2 to 4 nm sizedparticles spherical in shape. XANES measurements point out a significant presence of Co3O4with metallic Co and some Co2+ bound to the surfactant. The presence of antiferromagneticCo3O4 explains the magnetic transition observed at low T in both ZFC-FC measurements andhysteresis loops. Finally, the presence of magnetic interactions explains the bigger effectivecluster size obtained from hysteresis loops fits (6-10 nm) compared to the sizes observed byTEM (2-4 nm).
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2010


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Ruggirello, A. M., Turco Liveri, V., Torchio, Alonso, Capellini, Neisius, García Prieto, Fdez-Gubieda, Mobilio, Longo, A., & Meneghini (2010). Magnetic properties of colloidal cobalt nanoclusters. JOURNAL OF PHYSICS. CONFERENCE SERIES, 200, 072100-072103.