Mafia e psicoterapia

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The work is built on Girolamo Lo Verso’s work “The mafia in psychotherapy,” a book which includes nearly two decades of studies on the psychology of Mafia and allows the reader to shed light on a little known field, both nationally and internationally, such as that relating to the therapeutic relationship with patients belonging to Mafia families, and understand the serious psychic consequences Mafia causes both in its members and those who get in touch with it for various reasons (citizens, victims, community …).In addition to the presentation of the research carried out over the years, the description of numerous clinical cases which show the enormous pain and mental suffering in and out of cosa nostra appears to be particularly significant. Mafia in Psychotherapy appears to be an important tool for those involved in caring relationships, since besides providing useful information for the understanding of these patients’ inner world, it also highlights the possible “relational traps” a therapist may encounter, and this especially thanks to the presentation in the text of the results of a research on countertransference dynamics that are activated in the therapist, a specific countertransference which is different from those experienced by therapists who cope with similar psychopathological configurations, but not connected to Mafia. A journey through the maze of the “dark pain” inflicted by Mafia. An important contribution, the one offered by Lo Verso, not only for understanding and scientific investigation, but also to concretely contrast the phenomenon.
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VolumeAnno VII, volume 1, maggio 2012
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2012

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